Starlight Beds – Single Mattress. Luxury Single Memory Foam Mattress. Memory Foam and Spring Mattress With Deluxe Knitted Deep Micro Quilted Fabric For a Comfortable Sleeping Area. Fast Free Delivery FBR1102 (3ft x 6ft3 Single Mattress 90cm x 190cm)

Starlight Beds single mattress comes with deep quilted sleeping surface. It is perfect for cabin beds, bunk beds, divan beds, adults and children. This is a hypo-allergenic anti-dust mite mattress is vacuum packed and rolled for extra protection and ease of handling.

This Starlight Beds memory foam luxury mattress is available in multiple sizes such as extra small shorty, 3ft single mattress, short mattress, extra-long shorty, small single mattress, extra short single mattress, shorty single mattress, extra-long shorty single mattress and many others.

Starlight Beds - Single Mattress

Further, it contains spring interior with a layer of memory foam that is perfect for providing utmost comfort to the sleeping persons.

The luxury single mattress by Starlight Beds can easily replace your existing mattress measuring 90-cm x 190-cm.
Since it contains memory foam so it allows your body to shape and contour with the bed that means you get much better support than you get from other mattresses. It delivers medium firm that is perfect for cabin beds and bunk beds.

The main benefit of this Starlight Beds mattress is improved support for your body as it greatly relieves pressure points. Also, it is hypo-allergenic and anti-dust mite, which is perfect for allergy and asthma suffers. It will also improve the blood circulation to help in good sleep at night. Read more…

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vacuum packed starlight beds

Starlight Beds – Single Mattress

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