Birlea Luxor Mattress – Multi Pocket Sprung, King Size

Birlea Luxor Mattress - Multi Pocket Sprung, King Size
Birlea Luxor Mattress – Multi Pocket Sprung, King Size

1Birlea Luxor Mattress is a comfortable mattress (pocket sprung mattress). It has medium firm feel that is good for the comfort. This Birlea luxor mattress comes with 22-mm soft foam to let you experience the utmost comfort.

This mattress is vacuum packed, and delivered to your door step in a solid box so that the mattress will totally be safe in the transportation. Please make sure that this mattress requires up to 48 hours to return to its original size and shape. Amazingly, you can choose your preferred size, because the Birlea comfortable mattress is available in multiple sizes to choose from.

Other highlights of this mattress are Brilea brand, LMP5VP model number, white colour, 30-kg weight, 155 x 32 x 29 cm product dimensions, kingsize, foam upper layer, pocket springs, quilted and two sided mattress.

Birlea Luxor Mattress (Multi Pocket Sprung, King Size) hugs the contours of your body to let you enjoy the comfortable night’s sleep. It has medium firm feel as it has pocket springs and 20-mm soft foam. Please note that the mattress life can be prolonged with regular rotation.

This is a Birlea Sapphire Memory Foam Mattress that has a firm supportive base and it encases a thick layer of PU foam with a covering of sumptuous memory foam. It is finished with soft waved quilting, the harmony mattress boasts a dense layer of supportive PU foam and an outer section of memory foam. Read more…

Birlea Luxor Mattress – Multi Pocket Sprung, King Size

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